Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Strange Feathery Beast - Lee Cooper

The Strange feathery Beast front and back cover illustrations.

 The Strange Feathery Beast pages 1 & 2
 The Strange Feathery Beast pages 5 & 6
 The Strange Feathery Beast pages 9 & 10
 The Strange Feathery Beast pages 13 & 14
The Strange Feathery Beast pages 17 & 18

These illustrations are from a project back in early march time, we were all given the story 'The Strange Feathery Beast' written by Lee Cooper. There were blank spaces next to some parts of the text for us to fill with our illustrations of the story. I haven't posted all the pages, only the ones with my illustrations on so if you're trying to read the text like a story.. it won't make much sense! I opted for a silhouette style for this, due to doing my usual browsing different illustrative sites such as BehancePinterestIllustration Served etc to get inspiration I found myself being drawn more towards this design. I liked the simplistic look and thought it would come across well within the story having bold illustrations. I used dip pen and Indian ink for the finals. 
This was one of my favourite projects to do as i found it challenging to fit my artwork to a story and within the body of the text. 

I hope you enjoy these illustrations, stay tuned for more of my illustrative posts! :)

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