Thursday, 17 October 2013

A Collection of Portraits

1. Misanthrope 2. Indolent 3. Hirsute 4. Courageous 5. Putrid 6. Lover 
7. Voluptuous 8. Delectation 9. Adolescent 10. Affluent 11. Anticipation 
12. Beautiful 13. Prime 14. Literate 15. Administrator 16. Leonine 

A collection of portraits I had done during the course of summer, we had 50 words to do an illustration to and incorporate the text. These are my favourites of the bunch! All are in different mediums; pencil colour, pencil, fine liner, dip pen and ink and Adobe illustrator.


  1. Great mix of styles! I especially like the antlered Delectation character. (As a graduate of Lincoln uni Illustration this year- I couldn't help but watch your blog :) good luck with the editorial work!)

    1. Thank you so much! I enjoy your style so I thought i'd follow you back :) And thank you, these editorials are hard work already!