Thursday, 17 October 2013

Kurt Schwitters - Fisch Und Mensch (Fish and Man)

Kurt Schwitters Fisch und Mensch Poster

In 2nd year, we were each given a Kurt Schwitters story to base a poster design on which highlighted the main parts of the story. The story that was given to me was Fisch und Mensch (Fish and Man). In short, from what I got from the story was that it was a fish that escaped death from divers by jumping out of the ocean and ripped the wings off a bird passing by, taking the wings it flies to its freedom but gets shot by another man. It's quite a short story with a hint of violence so I had decided to take a different approach to the design and make it look more.. elegant. I was heavily influenced by paper cut outs at this time, and was originally going to do this piece as a cut out but due to lack of time I opted for the paper cut out 'look' which I thought came across quite well. The finishing touches (changing the colour) were done in Photoshop, the design was drawn out in ink.

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