Sunday, 27 October 2013

Serco Prize Inspiration #1: Steve Simpson

   Picante Spongebob - Steve Simpson
 Anatomical Study  - Steve Simpson

Evil Genius - Steve Simpson
 Caffeine Junkie - Steve Simpson

For the past few weeks I've been working on various things but one project we have been given is to enter the Serco Prize Competition 2013 which can be found here. The theme is London stories, fictional or non-fictional, well known or not well known and after hours of searching I found a ghost story which sparked my interest about a chicken in Pond Square. I thought it would be a brilliant way to go about this competition, doing something funny and spooky (quite a coincidence that it's close to Halloween too wooooh.) While choosing a story to base my design on I was also looking through a variety of my favourite artists to help inspire me and I decided upon Steve Simpson as his style is quite like how I wanted mine to look like in the end. He has lots of fun factors within his pieces and is incredible at typography which is something ill be dabbling in with this piece. Steve Simpson also uses limited colour palates brilliantly which is another reason I chose to base my piece around his work. The competition deadline is 3rd November.. Wish me luck!

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