Thursday, 3 April 2014

Graduation Book

Finished Illustration for Number One

I finish uni in around 6 weeks and graduate in around 2 or 3 months, scary stuff! So to celebrate this and to showcase all of our classes work, we're putting together a little book with an illustration from each person based on the number we were given. I got given the number one, as previously explained in a past post.
This is my final illustration for the book, it took weeks to complete around other projects but i'm happy with the result! I decided to go for the theme of 1st class stamps but make them more oriental and interesting. For the moment they are being shown on a Tumblr page for people to see, which you can find here. If you click on the UOL BA (Hons) bit at the top you can view everyone's work! And if you have a Tumblr you can like and reblog your favourite ones. I'm so excited for this as there are many great pieces of artwork, I hope you'll like it to :) 

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